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Photography Training

Heritage Photographic also offers it's clients an extensive range of training services aimed to help marketing and design team members to improve their photography skills. These skills can then be used internally to create on-site photography content for social media, portraits, events and retail  projects.

Bespoke training sessions are tailored to suit a specific subject matter and can be either one to one or group based. All training is carried out at your premises with your equipment and is designed to build team confidence in a non intimidating relaxed atmosphere where everyone  goes away equipped with a little more more knowledge and skill to become better photographers.  Each course is delivered by myself, over a full day and includes classroom and practical exercises including:


Optimised camera set up

Understanding camera controls and settings

Shooting in RAW

Different types of lens

Composition techniques

Exposure techniques

Flash and lighting techniques

Equipment advise

Opportunities to ask questions all day.

                                                         Technical Support

Once your staff have attended a training course I also offer 12 months of technical support via email and phone.  So if there are any further questions or someone forgets something we covered on the training day i'm directly contactable.

                                        Colour Processing & Retouching

In addition to on-site training I also provide off-site support in the form of professional image processing and retouching. This service gives your teams the confidence to freely take photographs in a professional format (RAW) without the need to understand the complexities of colour processing and retouching. Using our secure image transfer portal photographic files can be uploaded and I'll take care of adjusting the colour, brightness, contrast, white balance and almost 30 other adjustments to make sure you are getting the very best out of your pictures. This service is charged on a per image basis.

                                                      Professional Support


Even though Heritage training courses are designed to help you create your own an in-house team of  photographers ready to pick up a camera and capture daily events, Heritage Photographic are always here for hire on a half or full day basis for those more complicated assignments where specialist equipment and knowledge may be required. 

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